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Yes, we know… no one likes to be schooled but…
Come enjoy a party atmosphere with music in 2 areas while learning a little something!

Saturday September 28th
2pm – 8pm
Paradox – 1310 Russell Street Baltimore, MD
All Ages Welcome
Music & Vendors will be there too!

BAMM – The Party
DJ Divine
Josh Vidal
B Bliss
DJ Reiki
Kevin Carter
Raina & Pharaoh

“The Sessions”
Are you serious about your music? Are you looking to make this your livelihood? Or are you just wondering how this whole crazy business works?
No matter where you are in your career, where you want to take it or even are just curious, “The Sessions” are something you should attend!

Our panels and workshops are designed to educate both the seasoned and those just starting out. We also welcome the “just curious”!
Here we’ll present new ideas, discuss industry issues, build new inroads for business development, connect people and have fun doing it!

Although informative and educational, we offer a relaxed atmosphere with open forums and interactive workshops so you can be upfront and personal with some of the hottest taste makers in the biz!

We don’t really get into that whole “school room” setting either so it’s more like hanging in your living room at home and the person sitting next to you just happens to be someone pretty well known and connected.

Speakers and panelists include artists, producers, managers, record label executives, entertainment attorneys, media and PR moguls such as some of these past speakers – Sunshine Jones – Treehouse Muzique, Zoltar – Planet Zoltar, Lonnie Fisher – Ultraworld, Fiona Bloom – The Bloom Effect, Martin Atkins – Invisible Records, TC Izlam – Zulu Nation, Junior Goris – Team Pitbull and Ultra Nate’ – Deep Sugar Music.

Here’s what’s up for “The Sessions” 2013!

Girlz Rule!
Let’s hear it for & from the ladies behind the decks, scene and boards.
Traditionally a male dominated field but the role of women in music is evolving!
What are the challenges & how do women tackle them? Who are their mentors & what have they learned from them? How do they turn obstacles into stepping stones?
Find out in this candid discussion between female DJs, producers, singers, sound engineers, lighting techs, promoters and managers
Sunshine Jones – Moderator
Singleton Newman
Nika Watkins
Fiona Bloom
Lisa Moody
Jordannah Elizabeth
Connie Lingus
Civ Jones

Social Media – Marketing & Selling Your Way to Fame
Learn the most effective means of marketing and selling your music and yourself – from Facebook, and Instagram to blogging and tweeting. To print advertising to PR methods to promotional comps… this panel will discuss these and more to explore and discover which methods will work best for you and your business.
Fiona Bloom – Moderator
JR Russ
Singleton Newman
Nika Watkins
Connie Lingus
Civ Jones

Beats & Business… The Business of “The Biz”
So you’ve played a few parties, produced some of your own tracks and gotten 1000’s of likes on Facebook or SoundCloud… so where’s the big bucks?? Should you have a manager and/or booking agent? How do you protect yourself and your music and understand the legalese of it all?
If you’re serious about music as a career, this is a “not to miss” discussion between those accomplished in their chosen fields and those who have helped them get there.
Fiona Bloom – Moderator
Marcus Dowling
DJ Phaze
Lisa Moody
Jordannah Elizabeth
Mohamed Kamal

Building the DJ Set
Opening or closing, the build, the drop… techniques, track lists, tricks-of-the-trade and more. Some of the best in the business share their knowledge and experience.
DJs at any level welcome… you can always learn something new!
DJ Phaze
Scottie B

In the Mix: A Recipe for Remixing
What are the key ingredients of a successful remix deal? What about royalties? What should you charge? Get the answers from industry experts who’ve done it. Interact with top producers, programmers, sound engineers, musicians, DJs and re-mixers as they discuss the possibilities and techniques for your music and what to do with it when it’s done!
Scottie B

Frequencies – Exposure over the Airwaves
It’s not just AM or FM anymore!
Learn how to maximize your radio exposure – from internet to satellite to digital, podcasts & broadcasts, live & recorded… this panel covers all the bases on getting heard over the airwaves.
Marcus Dowling
DJ Phaze
Brandon DJ B-Eazy Harris
Mohamed Kamal
Civ Jones

Promo 101
How do you get people to your party and build your brand when there are 20 other crews in town trying to do the same thing? What is “the secret”!
Now, not that we claim to know but this discussion with veteran promoters certainly can help guide you on the right path
John G Vibes
Bart Shiflett
Mike Gleaner

Our Cultural Responsibility
Dance music and it’s culture thrived for years on an underground existence but that is changing as it becomes more mainstream which also means more open to criticism from the media and society in general. With the large amount of people joining our scene there is also a devastating amount of ways our culture is being depicted as the experience of our music has become synonymous with negative actions. A change is in order as we have to consider how the inherent social consequences of today’s actions will translate into tomorrow’s existence.
John G Vibes
Chris Flack
Wade Davis

Trends in the Biz Workshops
Stay ahead of the game by learning about the newest trends and techniques being used to transform today’s music into tomorrow’s hits. Learn about the most cutting-edge production tools being used to produce from the people using them

Production Tools
M. Dixon

Production – How do you…? Q&A Session
Mohamed Kamal

Live/DJ Set… Multi-Tasking in Front of a Crowd
He DJs, he sings & sometimes he even dances all while in front of hundreds, sometimes thousands , of people. Find out how he does it!
Sunshine Jones

Dance Workshops
It’s called dance music for a reason! Join veteran dancers as they teach some moves you’ll want to break out with from now on!

House Dance 101
Through different rhythmic footwork patterns dancers will work on musicality and concepts to freestyle. This class will focus on groove/expression, how to approach House as a social dance and learn a short choreographed piece. We will also discuss the history of House dance culture in Baltimore City to commemorate past dancers and House crews from the late 80′s to early 90′s.

Baltimore Club Dance Class
Learn about the evolving style of Baltimore Club Dance and how to incorporate your feet into footwork and your swag into swag moves.
Teaching one routine and learn some of Terry’s personal moves!
Terry Blaze the Stage Wedington

Silk Aerials Workshop!
Hillary Pokrywka

Check out our panelists & workshop hosts here –

Record Fair
Sonsored by MIXOLOGY & Shockwave Records, we invite you to join us as we celebrate dance music & the revival of vinyl!

Hoop Play Area & Silk Aerials Workshop
Snoozey Doozey

Vendors – Artists, Merchandise, Promotional & information Materials

Just Audio –
Just Audio Repair Center is the largest Professional and Consumer service center in Maryland. We are an authorized service center representing 67 major manufacturers.

B’more Urban –
A BALTIMORE STORY-Urban Culture & Dance DVD Documentary of some the original pioneer dancers, fans, and people of Baltimore House Music and Club scene

DC DanceSafe –
DC DanceSafe, the newest chapter of DanceSafe serving DC, Baltimore, Richmond, and the surrounding areas, is part of the national non-profit harm reduction organization dedicated to providing health and safety information, tools and resources to the EDM community

Healing Couples –
Providing tandem Reiki & Massage treatments for $1 / minute (minimum 10 minute treatments)

Dead Bat Designs
T-Shirts, accessories & more

More To Be Listed!

All Ages Welcome

After all of this… join us for THE FINALE Party!
9pm – 4am

4 Rooms of Music!
Full Bar provided by Barflies

Bring on the Beats Tour with FREESTYLERS & BRAZEN
MIXOLOGY Special Guests
Sunshine Jones & Q-BiK
with local love from…
Wayne Davis
Teddy Douglas
Scottie B
Jon Deke
DJ Savoy
Imperfect Perfections
Level 5
Dj Daryl Northrop
Finn McCool
Jason Merchant
DJ Zip
Steve Kirn
DJ Powerline
Lady Shah

Check out our Facebook invite for the whole MIXOLOGY event
or www.mixologybaltimore for more information!

*Topics of discussion and workshops subject to change

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