Dance Styles

    Using everything from todays Hip-Hop, R&B and Old School this class covers original elements of Hip-Hop, such as locking, popping, and footwork. This class focuses on building technical skills, freestyle ability, and mastering Hip-Hop choreography. Students will be challenged to improve their coordination, musicality, and groove.

    Since the early 80’s in Chicago, House Dance has become one of the largest celebrated underground dance styles in the world. This dance style has created a spirit of free expression for dancers of all genres. Learn how to “Jack”, which is one of the foundational moves of House dance. Students will also learn intricate footwork, concepts for free-styling, choreography and history in House Culture. House dance has influences in African, Afro-Caribbean, Latin, Rhythm Tap and Capoeira.

    This dance was pioneered and created in late 70’s during the disco/funk era. Originally called Punking this underground club style that started in the clubs in Hollywood, CA. became known as Waacking and made popular in the mainstream by Soul Train Dancers. This dance style involves fast intricate arms motions around the head and body with periodic poses.

    Locking also known as Campbell Locking was created by Don Campbell during the soul/ funk era in the early 70’s. The foundation move of this dance is called the Lock, which is bending the arm and freezing as you lower the body forward at the waist. Using different character poses the dance consist of arm extensions, wrist twirls, knee drops, splits and social dances from this time period. Several pop artists such as Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Usher and Chris Brown have used this dance style in performances and videos.